Derricka Fowler

Hello Queens! I am Derricka Fowler, and I am super excited to be apart of the transformation you're searching for. I am a Certified Abuse/Toxic relationship recovery life coach and I help women all over the world renew their minds and hearts after the trauma of abusive and/or toxic relationships. I started life coaching because I went through toxic relationships, abuse, and the recovery process was so tough that I couldn't see past the very moment I was living in. I thought happiness would never happen for me. I thought life after would be just as miserable as being in the abusive relationship, but I was SOOOOOO wrong!  Once I got the help and healing that I needed I wanted nothing more than to help women just like me. I started a non-profit/ movement to help bring awareness to the epidemic of domestic violence. I started working in my community to bring awareness, and I started public speaking as well. With our nonprofit Speakupsis2.0 we help women with "Life After Domestic Violence" because most people think when you leave that's the end, but it's really the beginning of tearing away what you knew to become everything you never thought you could be. I am so thankful to be able to give back in this way, and I can't wait to help you "Turn Your Pieces Into A Masterpiece"!


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