The #ForHerChildren Campaign

Stop Domestic Violence #ForHerChildren

Hello I am Atziry Osornio, and I am 27 years old. My twin sister Weltzin Garcia disappeared without a trace on Feb 5th, 2019. I last saw her on the day she died Feb 4, 2019 around 6 pm. She was strangled and was hit on the forehead which lead to heavy bleeding by Alfonso Hernandez her boyfriend, which who she had 2 children, Irally age 7, and Roderick age 5. She never got married because she always wanted to have a big traditional wedding, but she dated Alfonso for 6 years.
What life is like taking care of your family as well as taken care of 5 children, I feel like I have a kindergarten class. My husband has been a great help, and we are teaching the kids to be more independent. Now that we are in quarantine it is very stressful and fun because I get to know them more and I get to watch every milestone…something that my sister never got the opportunity to do. 
I really admire my kids. They were so close to my sister. They miss my sister, but they’ve been so strong throughout this year. Even when they sometimes question why is she gone? or how did she go to
the sky with the Angels? They constantly talk about her, maybe because I have her pictures around the house. Sometimes, it’s so hard to handle a situation when Roderick, the youngest one, saw everything. Sometimes he will say things about how his mother cried or how he saw his mother getting hit by his father. 
Through all of this I had to quit my job in the beginning of March because I needed to be with my kids more. The only time I got to see my kids were in the morning, and of course family comes first. Especially in a time when they need me more. My husband and I are always looking for a way to provide them with more attention or something that can distract them from all the chaos that is going on the world. Specifically, in our lives. Because I don’t have a job right now, we’re doing as much as we can so they can have their mind away from what is happening.
Life now is very stressful, but as a mother I’ll always want to keep my kids safe and happy. Now I enjoy the little things about life, not letting myself get down when my family needs me to be strong. Being strong is not an option for me anymore. 
The only way I can keep my sister’s name alive is by encourage women to come out and speak up about domestic violence and never to be ashamed or afraid. Many people come to me for advice and I encourage them to never give up, and take action. I tried to show my sister that violence is not okay when she was hit the first time, that’s when I called the police and that was the day she left Alfonso.
I hope that when people hear my sister’s story they learn to always act, speak up, and to have a trustful family member or a friend you can speak to. Sometimes we’re just too afraid to make the first step, but that the bravest thing that a person could ever do. Also, always have someone you trust by your side, It’s okay to ask for help and it’s okay to be brave.


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Our goal here at SpeakUpsis2.0 is to raise $1,000 to give to this family to help with raising Weltzin's two children. Any donation is appreciated.