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32 Chapters (Meichel's Story)

I look at pictures when I was growing up and I don’t know but it still hurts me to know that my mother allowed all of this to happened, I ask myself was she afraid to leave. Because when ever she talks about him she never seems to say she didn’t leave because of fear. She recently broke up with my step dad and realizing that it isn’t just the abuse but the fact that they were Both toxic for each other. I’m living with a lady name that does not belong to be and all because my mom wanted to continue to receive money from the county. I suffered because of all of this. People in school questioning whether my sisters and I had the same dad. I’m the middle child my young and older sibling have the same last names It took me while to try to piece things together. How many lies, who was being truthful. I then later had children by a person that is worse than my dad. Alcoholic, mentally , emotionally, and financially abusive. I want to write a book about it and tell my story that way 32 years of pain 32 years of guilt. Blaming myself for many things that my parents did to each other. Being the punching bag of the family even my older sister would bully me. I felt I was dying as I was living. I hated every part of my upbringing my growing up . I was also molested by my dads friends .. it’s a long long long story. I just don’t know where to start, but thank you for having this page for us. This is a start. You are giving most of these women a platform for them to speak even if it’s anonymous. Women and Men appreciate it very much.

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