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God said I still need her (Estellaigus Story)

I was married to my 3 children father for 12yrs and the whole 12yrs he beat me and tried to kill as well he told me if I couldn't have nobody else will so it was one night I had to go to work and I was in my uniform which I was working for Denny's we had to wear ties so I left out the house and he got angry because I told him I didn't need him to take me because it was right around the corner from our house so as I started walking here he comes with his van at this time he was furious and while I was walking he almost hit me with his van the only thing that saved me is I jumped into the bushes so at this time he was screaming at me so I got in the van and he took me back to the house I was like I have to go to work so we was arguing and I walked off and when I did he grab me with my tie around my neck and that's when he proceed to pull it real hard until I stopped breathing and my face was blue so the lady next tried CPR it didn't work so they called 911 and my children and the EMT told me what happened they had to revive me three times and I died for a min but I guess GOD SAID I STILL NEED HER HERE SHE HAS UNFINISHED BUSINESS ON EARTH!!!! HE has passed away now but what an experience I went through I felt free then.

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