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Kids&History (Christina's Story) 

My first physical abuse was a blow to the head and afterward an ER visit! Ended up with a concussion! This was the day I found out I was going to be a mother! And it didn’t stop there! I used to be so ashamed to talk about it but I have learned to FACE MY ABUSE! I went on for 11 years of getting my face punched, getting kicked in the back while pregnant, getting abused mentally, emotionally, verbally, and then realizing sexually as well! After 2 children and 11 years, I left it all alone! Finding who I thought was my “soul mate” but now seeing that abuse is far more than a black eye! It became constant anxiety, walking on egg shells, sulking in my misery....but no more! I am worth much more and so is anyone else dealing with abuse! Be strong and get out! Seek help, get the counseling you may need!!! Life is so much better on the other side!

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