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ONLINE... (Anonymous) 

I met this guy online. We chatted for over a month before we met. So on March 4, 2016 we met. We talked for an hour or so drink wine in this cute little place. He was charming and charismatic. He asked if we could relax at his place and I said yes. I didn’t want the date to end. He was really sweat and we slept together. We talked for a bit after and then I said I needed to get home. By that time it was midnight. I sat down on the couch and started to put my shoes on. Next thing he starts kissing me aggressively and he put his hands around my neck. Still kissing me he lifted me by my neck and pushed me into his bedroom. I was frozen in fear and couldn’t speak. Then he lifted me up onto the bed and sodomized me. I kept thinking I could die here and no one knows where I am. I have a vague memory of him telling me to look at the mirrors he had around the bed and see what a whore I am. He left the room and I was very quickly pulling my pants on so I could run but he came back. He was blocking the only exit. He threw a pillow on the floor. He pushed down on my knees. I couldn’t move so he slapped my face and he kept slapping me harder and harder till I did what I had to. after that he walked me to my car explaining to me why men walk by the curb so the woman’s dresses wouldn’t get dirty.

I’ve was terrified for so long that he find me again. Sick thing is he messaged me on Facebook on October 12, 2018. All those fears are back.

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