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Sisters Surviving Violence

Updated: Jun 30, 2019

Greetings sisters! Speak up sis 2.0 was created for women who have survived domestic violence and relationship trauma to have a safe haven to tell their stories, and gain knowledge from fellow survivors on their journey to healing. This movement will allow women to see that there is life after domestic violence. It is not encouraged all the time to speak about things that you've been through that we're not so proud of.

I want to change the dynamic that women traumas, feelings, and all around well-being aren't safe with one another. Speak up sis 2.0 is the community women can come to and find a sister that is just like you, and she's not ashamed. We'll learn how to speak up, journey towards our healing, and gain wisdom from one another all at the same time. We will all help bridge the gap of self love and choosing yourself first.

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